The Devon Cup 2016

The Devon Cup 2016

The Devon Cup is a competition open to riders affiliated to registered cycling clubs in Devon.  It comprises nine races in the South West throughout the Time Trial season, with points being scored for placings in those races.  If a rider wins a race, they automatically gain 100 points in the competition.  A second place position will score 99 points, a third will score 98 points and so on.

The top scoring five races for each rider will be accumulated and the highest total at the end of the competition wins.  A recommended minimum of five races is therefore advised in order to stand a chance at the glory, but the more races that are entered, the more chance of improving your total.  Separate competitions are run for both ladies and men.

Entry into the competition costs £15 per cycling club for the year.  If your club is registered in Devon but has not yet signed up to the competition in 2016, please email [email protected].

The final results for last year’s competition can be found here:  (Excel | PDF)


The Devon Cup will comprise the following Time Trials this year:

  • Sunday 13th March, CS Dynamo  (S26R/10)
  • Wednesday 11th May, Sid Valley CC  (S26R/10)
  • Wednesday 15th June, Tavistock Wheelers  (S40/10)
  • Wednesday 29th June, Revo Racing (S40/10)
  • Thursday 7th July, RNRMCA  (S4/10)
  • Sunday 17th July, North Devon Wheelers  (S12R/25)
  • Sunday 24th July, CCCRT  (S4/50)
  • Sunday 28th August, Exeter Wheelers  (S4/25)
  • Sunday 11th September, Mid Devon CC  (S4/25)

The top-placed 15 riders at the end of the season will get the chance to compete against their Cornish counterparts in the Devon Cup vs. Cornwall Cup competition!